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cool flame

Cool Flame (Co2) Generators

You want to get the fast growth and bigger yields that happen when your
plants inhale extra carbon dioxide, but you've been waiting for the Cool
Flame self-cooled C02 generator that eliminates the heat, hassle and safety
risks that all the other C02 generators create. 


cvr co2 generator

CVR (Co2) Generators

Plants grown with supplimental Co2 can produce up to 40% more flowers or
fruit. Features Glow Plug Smart Valves - State of the art technology, eliminates
the need for a standing pilot light no constant flame to waste fuel, no pilot to re-
light. Simple, Safe and Efficient!

Price: 4 burner - $949.95 |  6 burner- $1049.95
         8 burner - $1139.95 | 18 burner - $1695.95


Excellofizz Tablets

Supernatural Excellofizz provides reliable accurate, worry free CO2.
The Scientifically metered formula is simple and safe to use

15 tablet - $109.95 | 30 tablet - $196.95

co2 injection system

Co2 Injection System

CO2 INJECTION SYSTEM 1.5-11 Cubic Feet per Hour. Includes regulator, 

flow meter, solenoid, pressure gauge, plastic dispensing tube, instructions 

and timer. Designed for use with carbon dioxide gas only. The flow meter in 

the picture may vary from the description.

Price:  $269.95

co2 flowmeter

Co2 Flowmeter

• Delivers precise amounts of CO2 to the greenhouse
• Includes a power cord for plug and play assembly and 

is ideal for use with a timer
• Attaches easily to a CO2 bottle

Price: $276.95

test vial

CO2 Test Vials

• Deliver quick and accurate measurement of CO2 in an enclosed space
• Each tube is good for one test only

Price: $14.95


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