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sunblaster_125watt (1K)
13W CFL SunBlaster

High output lamps utilizing a low energy, built-in self ballasted fixture
Use in the garden, office, warehouse, classroom, household or anywhere 

else flicker free lighting is desired
Energy Star rated

Price: $34.95 SET OF 4 OR $9.99 EA

sunblaster_15_watt (1K)

26W 6400K SunBlaster

Fits into standard light socket
6400Kelvin cool daylight compact flourescent
Long lasting and energy efficient
Perfect for plants, animals and humans

Price: $19.95

sunblaster_200_watt_comp (3K)
200 Watt CFL SunBlaster

Designed for the horticultural, indoor gardening and greenhouse industries
Cool daylight 6400 Kelvin
Use with mogul socket

Price: $99.95

sunblaster_26_watt (1K)

T5 Fixture SunBlaster

Full spectrum lighting with 6400 Kelvins of light temperature
Equivalent to "rising sun" 2:00 pm temperature
Perfect for starting seedlings
Initiates faster rooting time on cuttings
Adds valuable supplementary light

Price: 2 foot - $39.95 | 3 foot - $44.95 | 4 foot - $49.95 | 4' bulb - $12.95


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