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trident_300 (2K)

Green Eye LED Task Light

Green Eye

• View your plants during the night cycle without disturbing them
• Attaches easily to either ear for hands free gardening
• Uses one AA battery

Price: $19.95
kbr-extractor (3K)



• Surgical stainless steel
• Ultra light, ergonomic design
• Features include safety lock, comfort grips, 

  anti-slip handle and high quality spring

Price: $14.95

thermometer-41905 (5K)

Spin-Pro Trimmer
Spin-Pro Trimmer

It is effective, economical and very quiet! They separate excess leaves and cut
twigs from a variety of plants and flowers.

Price: $495.95
rolling_thunder (6K)

Trimmer Machine
Quality trimmer machine designed for gently removing excess leaves from various
leafy plants and herbs. Through this method you can make large quantities of spice
mixes or endless varieties of potpourri.

Price:  2 blade - $789.95 | 3 blade - $819.95


TarpZip (5K)

Trimmer Machine
Green Cut Fast

Aluminum Shell for lighter weight and easier handling, Sealed bearing assembly,
New “fill and spill“ technology



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