::  Growing Chambers - Dark Room II

darkroom120 (11K)

Dark Room II

Secret Jardin

• Quick and easy assembly- even the larger sizes  

  can be assembled by one person
• Use of light reflective material to increase light intensity within enclosure
• Support tubes are capable of carrying equipment load 

  up to 30kg for filter, lighting system etc.
• Material is washable inside and outside, reducing odors
• Light weight and compact
• Product does not produce off gases

Price:        Dark Propagator             3'X2'X3'           $149.95 
                  Dark Rom II
                  3'X3'X6'         $289.95
                  Dark Rom II                4'X4'X6.6'         $319.95
                  Dark Rom II                5'X5'X6.6'         $409.95
                  Dark Rom II                8'X8'X6.6'         $849.95
Dark Rom II            10'X10'X6.6'         $1079.95 
                  Dark Rom Wide II      8'X4'X6.6          $529.95
                  Dark Rom Wide II    10'X5'X6.6          $1069.95

darkroom150 (10K)

Dark Room

Secret Jardin

• Feature thicker aluminum tubes that can hold up to 75kg of 

equipment at the centre
• Corners are made of stainless steel with a dual lock mechanism
• Are made with a stronger, thicker fabric; fabric is washable
• Base is strong and thick; will hold up to 3000L of water
• Delivered in a reusable and strong wooden box

Price:         Intense            10'X10'X7'          $2849.95
                   Intense            20'X10'X7'          $4549.95


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