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aerogarden (6K)

Classic Aerogarden

• World's first kitchen garden appliance
• Grows fresh herbs, tomatoes, salad greens and more
• Fully automated, 100% success guaranteed
• Computerized technology tells user when to add water and nutrients
• Comes with Herb Seed Kit


Aerogarden-pro100 (7K)

Deluxe Aerogarden

• Deluxe features twice the height and twice the light as the Aerogarden Classic
• Includes Master Gardener Kit; plant and grow your own favourite seeds 

  indoors and transplant to outdoor garden
• Includes everything needed for a full year of growing

Price: $289.95

ebb_flowmaster (4K)

Pro Stainless Steel Aerogarden

• Same great features as the Aerogarden Classic with stylish stainless 

   steel finish, Grow Light Reminder System and Adaptive Growth Technology
• Comes with Herb Seed Kit

Price: $279.95

highflow (4K)
RainForest Hydroponic System

General Hydroponics - No hydroponic system exists that will match the performance 

of the RainForest. It's perfect for propagating cuttings or for quick starting seeds, seedlings, or transplants.

Price: 66 - $420.95 | 236 - $420.95 | 318 - $430.95

powerbucket (4K)
WaterFarm Hydroponic System

General Hydroponics best selling hydroponic module, has a unique 

square design so you can pack many WaterFarms with close spacing 

to create large, high density installations.

Price: 4 gal - $110.95 | 8pk 4gal  - $749.95

slabmaster (4K)
EcoGrower Hydroponic System

General Hydroponics - The EcoGrower® incorporates an air driven “spider” drip system and uses our revolutionary 17-gallon hexagonal reservoir with removable 

6” lid inserts. Each lid insert accommodates one 6” net pot that can house large plants.

Price: 17 gal - $339.95

aerostar (10K)
PowerGrower Hydroponic System

General Hydroponics - The PowerGrower® 8-Pack is eight PowerGrower modules connected to one GH PowerGrower Controller. The Controller is an integrated 

17 gallon reservoir and a 17 gallon controller unit. 

Price: 8pk 57 gal - $995.95

ezclone (6K)
Aeroflo Hydroponic System

General Hydroponics - The AeroFlo2® super-oxygenates the nutrient solution to optimally deliver oxygen, water, and nutrients to your plant's roots. This system creates stronger, more resilient plants for increased yields.

Price:  18 site - $709.95 | 30 site - $919.95
            36 site - $1359.95 | 60 site - $1699.95


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