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Ona Mist Dispenser

Mist ONA Mist comes conveniently packaged in aerosol cans for use wherever 

odors occur. The ONA Mist cans hold 170 grams or 6 ounces of ONA, and are 

small enough to store practically anywhere.

Price:   $24.95

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Ona Breeze 35 CFM

Ona Dispenser Ona is a complex formula using essential technology 

to destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odors. It is 

environmentally safe.

Price:   $79.95

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Ona Mist Pro

The ONA Mist PRO is our latest addition to the ONA Mist lineup. The ONA PRO series of odor control products was developed to provide "invisible" odor control.

170 gram - $16.95

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Ona Pro Gel

ONA PRO Series - ONA just got better! ONA PRO is new and exciting! These
are products for professionals and are now available for you. The first product in
this series is ONA PRO Gel.

Price:  1 liter - $22.95 | 4 liter - $49.95
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Ona Mist Polar Crystal

The ONA Mist Dispenser is a great way to control odors in small rooms and areas
where the odor source is constant or repeated. Rooms such as bathrooms, entry or
exit areas, pantries, workshops, and garbage collection areas. 

Price:  170 gram - $16.95
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Ona Polar Crystal Gel

The ONA Gel is our most popular product. We spent many years developing a
blend of ONA Liquid and various suspension elements to result in a product that
has excellent dispersion qualities.

Price: 1 liter - $26.95 | 4 liter - $52.95 | 20 liter - $249.95

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