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hgalgen (5K)
Acid Plant Mix

A unique ready-to-use blend. The ingredients used in this blend will be beneficial in lowering soil pH. All nutrients and trace minerals are derived from natural products to provide an excellent balance for growing acid-loving plants. 

Price: 2.2 kg -  $19.95

hgaquaab (10K)
Alfalfa Meal

Alfalfas' natural ability to establish deep roots enables this plant to tap into 

reservoirs of trace minerals in the soil. As a fertilizer, alfalfa meal provides 

primary and secondary nutrients to plants along with many enzymes, vitamins 

and growth promoting factors. 

Price: 1 kg - $14.95 | 5 kg - $24.95 | 10 kg - $39.95

hgbudxl (6K)
Fish Meal

Sea-water is the ultimate depository of all water-soluble nutrients and elements that were once in the soil. Fish and plants living in the sea enjoy complete and balanced nutrition. The end product, fishbone meal, is our highest phosphorous fertilizer. Use with or as a substitute for other bone meal products.

Price: 1.5 kg - $24.95 | 5 kg - $59.95

hgcocoab (11K)
Fishbone Meal

Blended from natural B.C. coastal marine products. Fish Bone Meal is an excellent soil amendment that contains a huge array of primary and secondary elements. The use of fish products, for soil fertility, goes back to prehistoric times. Considered by many organic growers to be the best nitrogen source available. 

Price: 2 kg - $24.95 | 5 kg - $49.95

hgdrip (5K)
Flower Power

Trusted by professionals. A Texada Island recipe formulated with ingredients 

native to the coast. Delivers the best growing results for the serious gardener. 

Will foster attractive vigorous plants and flowers. 

Price: 2.2 kg - $24.95 | 5 kg - $49.95 | 10 kg - $79.95

hgzen (5K)
Green Sand

Greensand is essentially a hydrated silicate of iron and potash. It is a natural 

mineral extracted from the famous greensand deposits of Sewell, New Jersey, 

USA. This natural mineral has a tendency to open tight soils and bind loose soils. 

Price: 2.2 kg - $14.95 | 10 kg - $49.95

hgroots (6K)
Kelp Meal

Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp meal has been used for centuries, throughout the world, as a rich, nonpolluting source of natural organic minerals and nutrients. Kelp contains over 60 minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, ...

1.5 kg - $24.95 | 5 kg - $59.95 | 10 kg - $89.95

hgshoot (5K)

Langbeinite, also known as Sul-Po-Mag or K-Mag, occurs as a natural mineral. 

This soluble mineral fertilizer will not alter soil pH. It is a natural source of potassium, sulphur, and magnesium in a fast acting form.

Price: 2.2 kg - $24.95

hgsoilab (10K)
Rock Phosphate

Contains 24% Calcium. Rock Phosphate is a naturally occurring rock mineral, 

Apatite. Most rock phosphate has been formed from the deposit of shells and 

the skeletal remains of micro- organisms.

Price: 2.2 kg - $24.95 | 10 kg - $49.95

hgtopboost (6K)
Supergrow Mix

A ready-to-use multipurpose mix suitable for a wide variety of gardening projects. This fertilizer should give a longer lasting response to your
gardening needs. 

2.2 kg - $24.95 | 5 kg - $49.95 | 10 kg - $79.95

hgaquaab-pack1l (9K)

Vegano is a 100% ORGANIC fertilizer. An excellent soil amendment that 

adds life to soil without the addition of rock minerals or animal by-products 

as a nutrient source.

2.2 kg - $19.95 | 10 kg - $79.95

hgcocoab-pack1l (9K)
Blood Meal

A quick acting fertilizer which promotes rapid growth and high yields. It is collected 

at slaughterhouses, dried and ground into a powder or meal. Bloodmeal provides abundant chelated iron and nutrient rich amino acids.

1.5 kg - $24.95 | 5 kg - $59.95 | 10 kg - $79.95

hgsoilab-pack1l (9K)
Steam Bone Meal

An excellent source of organic phosphorous, nitrogen, and calcium 24%. Steamed bone meal promotes abundant root and vegetative growth. It intensifies the colour and development of fruit and flowers.

2.2 kg - $24.95 | 10 kg - $79.95

hgsoilab-pack1l (9K)

Bat Guano

Guano consists of the droppings and remains of bats. It is rich in soluble nitrogen, phosphorous and trace elements. The limited supply of this fertilizer, known as the soluble organic super bloom, makes it somewhat expensive. Mined in sheltered caves, guano dries with minimal decomposition. 

Price: 2 kg - $59.95 | 10 kg - $119.95


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