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electronic ballast

Electronic MH/HPS Ballast

* Most reliable and popular 

  electronicballast on the market today
* Produces up to 30% more lumens than a standard 

  core and coil ballast while drawing less electricity
• Completely silent and produces 

  less heat than a standard ballast
• Soft start technology helps bulbs to last up to 3x longer
• Ballasts maintain efficiency throughout lifespan  
• Super Lumens provides 10% more 

  light at the flip of a switch
• Dual Voltage; the only E-Ballast with the same light

  output on 120V/240V
• Convertible will power both Metal Halide 

  and High-Pressure Sodium lamps

  • Available in 120V or 240V please specify

Price:            600 HPS     $249.95
                          SALE     $229.95

             1000 MH/HPS     $369.95
                          SALE     $309.95


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