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Max Fans

MAX Fan blows heat and odors away!
The 14 inch MAX Fan from Can-Fan is rated at 1700 CFM
Designed for any system that requires maximum performance.
The Max Fan Saves Energy
-Extremely energy Efficient
-Lower Lifetime Cost
-Cost of Energy is 70-90% of life time cost
The Max-Fan Is Quiet
-Very High Aerodynamic Efficiency
-Optimized Mixed Flow is quieter than other fans
of the same size
The Max-Fan Saves Space
 -Small Airtight Housing
-Easy Installation
-Light Weight & Compact design
The Can Fan Max 14"
Max Watts = 253
Max Amps = 2.1
RPM = 1700
Price:        8"    675     $309.95 
                 10"  1019    $359.95

                 12"  1709    $419.95 


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